How to use Kousoku Bus Net

Buy tickets


  1. Select a place of departure.
  1. Select a place of arrival.
  1. Select a route.
  2. Select a departure bus stop.
  3. Select an arrival bus stop.
  4. Select a departure date.
  5. Click the search button.

Check for vacancy

  1. Click your desired bus from the routes displayed by search results.

Enter customer information

  1. Click the seat assignment button.
  1. Click your desired seat number on the available seating list.
  1. Confirm the seat number you selected.
  2. Enter surname.
  3. Enter last name.
  4. Enter phone number.
  5. Enter email address.
  6. Enter the email address again. (for confirmation)
  7. Enter the number of passengers.
  8. Click confirm button.

Reservation Confirmation Page

  1. Tick a checkbox after confirming "Terms of Services".
  2. Click "reservation" button.

Reservation Confirm Page

  1. Confirm the "reservation number" displayed on the complete page.

Reservation Complete Email

  1. Confirm the "reservation number" displayed on the complete page.
  2. Click the URL on the "payment screen" described in the reservation complete email.

* If you fail to complete the payment within 30 minutes, it will be automatically cancelled.

Payment Page

  1. Enter your credit card number.
  2. Enter the expiration date.
  3. Enter the security code.
  4. Click confirmation button.

Payment Confirmation Page

  1. Tick a checkbox after confirming "Terms of Service".
  2. Click payment confirm button.

Payment Complete Page

  1. Click to display "Web purchase of tickets".

Web purchases of tickets

  1. Confirm the "reservation number" displayed on the complete page.

Payment Complete Email

  1. Confirm the "reservation number" displayed on the complete page.

Refund of tickets

Payment Complete Email

  1. Click the URL on the "refund page" described in the payment complete email.

Refund Page

  1. Click the "refund" button.

Refund Complete Page

The refund process will be completed when a refund complete page is displayed.

Refund confirmation email

You will receive a refund confirmation email when the refund is completed.

Web purchases of tickets (via credit card)

Please complete ticket cancellation procedure via the internet up to 2 hours prior to departure of the service. If you would like to cancel your ticket before your departure time and after 2 hours before your departure time, please come to the bus ticket center. In this case, a service fee will be charged. (For details, please refer to the company website you purchased your ticket.)

Tickets issued at a ticket counter/ convenient store

Come to the Bus Ticket Center by your departure time.
Refunds are available at the Bus Ticket Center even for those who have purchased their tickets at a convenience store.
Commission will charge you on this occasion. (Green Ticket Counter does not handle refund procedure.)

Service fees for refunds are as follows.

One way/return tickets 100 yen or 20% (Caution) differs depending on route/fare/date of refund.
Always confirm details at the time of purchase.
Ticket Books 210 yen

Note: Refunds of return tickets or ticket books after the service has begun will be for the sale amount minus the used one way fare (not discounted) and service fee.

For a return ticket after service has begun Refund amount = sale amount - (one way standard fare + refund service fee)
For a ticket book after service has begun Refund amount = sale amount - (one way standard fare x number of used tickets + 210 yen)

If you lose your ticket

Please purchase a replacement ticket at ticket counter of the original ticket purchase or at the bus company ticket counter. At the time of boarding the bus service, please show your ticket to an attending staff member or at the bus company ticket counter explaining it is a replacement of a lost ticket and receive a "ticket repurchase certificate" (if repurchasing the ticket at the ticket counter we will issue you with a ticket repurchase certificate on the spot).

If you find your lost ticket within 1 year, take it along with the ticket repurchase certificate to the bus company ticket counter. The amount noted on the ticket repurchase certificate minus the refund service fee will be refunded.


  • Print your own ticket beforehand and bring it with you on your departure day.
  • We might have a long delay due to road conditions.
  • Show up the bus stop 10 minutes before your departure time.

About luggage

What you are allowed to bring on a bus. (free)

Hand Luggage
Only one portable luggage is allowed to bring in and the sum of the width, depth and height must be within 100cm and weighs must be less than 10kg.

* Personal belongings such as umbrellas, canes, handbags are not included.

the sum of three sides within 100cm (EX) Depth 20cm + Width 45cm + Height 35cm
gross weight less than 10kg
  • The size must not exceed the sum of the three sides and the width, depth and height.
  • The above size includes accessories such as handles, pockets, casters or others.

Be aware of trolley bags.

Due to the limited storage space, even the prescribed size bags might be refused to bring in.
* If the handle can't be put inside the luggage, the handle is counted as the size.

puppies, cats, little birds or other small animals (wild animals, snakes or others are not allowed)

Pets (not including dangerous animals) carried in a case measuring less than 90cm total height, width and length will be permitted on the vehicle during Daytime buss only.

Passengers with pets may be requested to disembark en-route if pets are removed from their case, or if noises or unpleasant odors create a disturbance for other passengers.
Passengers asked to disembark en-route will not be eligible for any refund of their fare.
We allow guide dogs for people with disabilities, such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs, which are accompanied with the people having a certificate prescribed by an ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare to bring on a bus.

beverages Beverages are allowed to bring on a bus.

  • Buses sometimes shake, and be careful not to spill them.
  • We kindly ask you to mind people surrounding you, when you eat and/or drink on a bus especially on a night bus.

Beverages are allowed to bring on a bus.

What you are not allowed to bring on a bus

Any items that might pose a hazard to other passengers or damage our bus are not allowed to bring in the bus.



* Even pet carriers are not allowed to bring in.

sports equipment

sports equipment

hazardous materials

hazardous materials

wild animals and snakes

wild animals and snakes

unsanitary items, odor-causing items

unsanitary items, odor-causing items

suitcases or others exceeding the above size

suitcases or others exceeding the above size

  • We kindly ask you to bring /store your personal belongings on your own.
  • Guide dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs are allowed to board if accompanied by people with the disabilities.
  • When you bring an extra large luggage on our bus, pay meticulous attention to it lest you disturb other passengers. We appreciate your understanding.
  • For safety reasons, we kindly ask you to refrain from putting heavy or unstable shaped luggage on the net rack in the bus.
  • We might refuse to bring in if it might disturb other passengers.


Cautionary Notes

  • All seats are reserved. Tickets etc. are to be purchased before boarding.
  • Please note that arrival times may be delayed due to traffic conditions.
  • Please note that rest stop locations may be changed due to traffic conditions.
  • Please note that room for large luggage may not be available due to limited luggage compartment space.
  • Please keep valuable items with you at all times.
  • Please always have your seat belt fastened while traveling.
  • As a courtesy, please refrain from using mobile phones in a way that may disturb other passengers while on the bus
  • Please refrain from smoking on the bus. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • For full conditions, please consult the ticket center or refer to the bus company web page.